Book Donations

The Read Japan program donates books about contemporary Japan to libraries overseas. Libraries can apply to receive books from the “100 Books for Understanding Contemporary Japan” catalogue below by submitting applications to The Nippon Foundation after reading the Application Guidelines.

A. “100 Books for Understanding Contemporary Japan” Book Donation

These 100 books, which were selected by a committee of Japanese and foreign scholars, journalists, etc., cover five categories: Politics & International Relations, Economy & Business, Society & Culture, Literature & Arts, and History.

B. Application Guidelines

This program "100 Books for Understanding Contemporary Japan" is not currently publicly inviting applications as it is under review. However, if you are interested in this program and wish to receive information on its current status, please contact

a) Eligibility:

  • University libraries and public libraries used by scholars and students
  • Libraries serving a general public
  • Libraries attached to research organizations and think tanks

Note: priority will be given to institutions that have not previously received books through this program.

b) Application Materials:

Please download the following application form and book checklist and submit them together with a cover letter by e-mail to:

Note: we must receive all three of the application materials listed above to process your application. We also encourage you to send us photographs of your library, if possible.

c) Application Deadline: September 14, 2012.

Within two weeks after receiving your application, we will send you a message acknowledging receipt. In case you do not receive it, please do contact us as e-mail communication could be unstable. The application will be screened and successful libraries will be announced by the end of October, 2012.

d) Costs:

The Nippon Foundation is fully responsible for shipping expenses. However, libraries are responsible for payment of customs fees, VAT and other related charges incurred in the destination country.

C. Recipient Libraries

A bar chart representing the recipient of the library

Click the region: libraries that have received books to date.

Recipient Libraries 2008-2011

Country 2008 2009 2010 2011 Sub Total
Total (PDF / 523KB) 711
Asia (PDF / 50KB) 2 13 46 44 105
Africa (PDF / 36KB) 0 1 12 20 33
Oceania (PDF / 28KB) 0 5 7 3 15
Europe (PDF / 266KB) 11 78 60 38 187
Middle East (PDF / 174KB) 0 2 11 13 26
Latin America (PDF / 182KB) 0 2 14 14 30
North America (PDF / 85KB) 45 193 29 48 315