Programs in the Field of Human Resources Development: 2011


Program Name Project to Strengthen Collaborative Activities in ASEAN Region
Year 2011
Organization Asean Dialogue Society Pte Ltd. (Singapore)
Explanation Support for the ASEAN Secretariat to begin conducting projects with NGOs.
Fields Human Resources Development
Grant Size USD 95,000
Countries Reached Asia
Program Name University for Peace Asia Leaders Dual Campus Masters Programme
Year 2011
Organization University for Peace (Cost Rica)
Explanation The Nippon Foundation is funding a 19-month graduate program, Asian Peacebuilders Scholarship (APS), that allows Asian students to receive a Master of Arts in International Peace Studies from the United Nations-mandated University for Peace. The program involves the academic collaboration of Ateneo de Manila University, where students take an introductory English Training Module and courses related to Asian issues that are taught by Asian scholars. The foundation courses in international peace studies are taken at the University for Peace main campus, located in Costa Rica. The program provides 30 Nippon Foundation scholarships per year, and will equip these students with the knowledge and language skills required to work at international organizations and NGOs in the fields of peace building and conflict resolution.
Fields Human Resources Development
Grant Size USD 1,628,100
Countries Reached Asia
Program Name Dispatching Japanese Senior Volunteers
Year 2011
Organization Nippon Skilled Volunteers Association (Japan)
Explanation This program dispatches Japanese senior volunteers with everyday skills that can be used in areas with limited resources, primarily in developing countries in Southeast Asia (especially the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka), to make an international contribution that meets local needs at the grassroots level.
Fields Human Resources Development
Grant Size JPY 81,000,000
Countries Reached Asia
Program Name Nationality-Restoration of War-Displaced Japanese in the Philippines
Year 2011
Organization Philippine Nikkei-jin Legal Support Center (Japan)
Explanation This project assists second-generation Japanese who were left behind and lost proof of their identities in the Philippines in the turmoil during and immediately after World War II, by providing support for the restoration of their Japanese citizenship (identity investigation, collection of documentary evidence, declaration of family register, compilation of the master list of war-displaced Japanese descendants, and temporary group returns for meetings with family court officers).
Fields Human Resources Development
Grant Size JPY 22,616,000
Countries Reached Philippines, Japan
Program Name The Nippon Foundation Fellowships for Asian Public Intellectuals (API Fellowships Program)
Year 2011
Organization Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University  (Thailand)
Explanation This project selects public intellectuals in Asia to conduct research and various activities in their neighboring Asian country(ies), with the aim of creating a pool of people who are committed to social issues, to find solutions for common problems and issues in the region.
Fields Human Resources Development
Grant Size USD 1,656,800
Countries Reached Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam
Program Name International Studies Seminar (School of International Studies, PKU)
Year 2011
Organization School of International Studies, Peking University (China)
Explanation This project aims to foster global-minded international relations experts in China by providing scholarships to MA and PhD students at the School of International Studies at Peking University so that they can enroll in a joint masters course at the Graduate School of Public Policy or at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo, or a doctoral course at the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies at Waseda University.
Fields Human Resources Development
Grant Size JPY 67,225,000
Countries Reached China, Japan
Program Name Used Welfare Vehicle Donation Project to Indonesia
Year 2011
Organization Yayasan Warga Persahabatan (Indonesia)
Explanation This project donates welfare vehicles that have been provided by The Nippon Foundation to groups around Japan, but are no longer being used, to Indonesia for the purpose of improving medical and welfare conditions.
Fields Human Resources Development
Grant Size USD 40,000
Countries Reached Indonesia
Program Name JATCAFA Scholarship Program for Central Asian Students in Turkey
Year 2011
Organization Japan Turkey Central Asia Friendship Association (Turkey)
Explanation This program provides scholarships to students from Central Asia who are studying at universities in Turkey. The program also provides seminars and classes on the Japanese language as well as culture and economics.
Fields Human Resources Development
Grant Size USD 330,100
Countries Reached Turkey (* Scholarship recipients are from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan)


Program Name Translation Workshop in Japanese Studies
Year 2011
Organization School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London (UK)
Explanation This program aims to provide post-graduate students and professionals with opportunities to develop advanced Japanese-to-English translation skills and publish translations of key articles in the humanities and social sciences.
Fields Human Resources Development
Grant Size GBP 55,500
Countries Reached Europe
Program Name Literary Translation Summer School Japanese Workshop
Year 2011
Organization British Centre for Literary Translation, University of East Anglia (UK)
Explanation This program aims to promote understanding of contemporary Japan abroad by training and creating a community of translators of Japanese literature.
Fields Human Resources Development
Grant Size GBP 53,300
Countries Reached Europe and the rest of the world
Program Name Forum 2000
Year 2011
Organization Forum 2000 Foundation (Czech Republic)
Explanation The Nippon Foundation supports the Forum 2000 Conference, as well as the Shared Concern Initiative operated by the Forum 2000 Foundation. The Forum 2000 Conference brings world leaders to Prague each year to address pressing problems facing the world. The Shared Concern Initiative issues joint statements addressing important challenges facing today’s world, with the understanding that change for the better can be more effectively promoted when leaders speak with one voice.
Fields Human Resources Development
Grant Size EUR 259,400
Countries Reached Czech Republic
Program Name Grant Program to Support Japanese Studies in the UK
Year 2011
Organization Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation (UK)
Explanation This program supports lectureship posts at 12 universities in the UK for the research and study of contemporary Japan.
Fields Human Resources Development
Grant Size GBP 466,000
Countries Reached UK


Program Name Training and Networking Activities for TNF Scholarship Students in Japan
Year 2011
Organization DIRECTFORCE (Japan)
Explanation This program provides lectures and on-site visits for students from abroad studying in Japan, to deepen their knowledge of Japan and build and strengthen networks of non-Japanese students studying in Japan.
Fields Human Resources Development
Grant Size JPY 2,945,000
Countries Reached Global

Latin America

Program Name Scholarship for Nikkei Students to Study in Japan
Year 2011
Organization The Association of Nikkei and Japanese Abroad (Japan)
Explanation This project provides scholarships to Latin Americans of Japanese ancestry with a strong desire and clear plan to carry out activities that either promote mutual understanding between Japan and their home country or contribute to the development of their home country.
Fields Human Resources Development
Grant Size JPY 105,926,000
Countries Reached Latin America All
Program Name Nikkei Youth Network
Year 2011
Organization Nikkei Youth Network Secretariat (Japan)
Explanation To build a global network of active nikkei leaders around the world.
Fields Human Resources Development
Grant Size JPY 19,588,000
Countries Reached North & Latin America All

Middle East

Program Name Fostering Palestinian Dialogue
Year 2011
Organization Crisis Management Initiative (Finland)
Explanation This program aims to foster dialogue among Palestinian stakeholders by conducting conferences and workshops, and devising policy proposals.
Fields Human Resources Development
Grant Size EUR 70,000
Countries Reached Middle East

North America

Program Name Publication of a New Anthology of Contemporary Japanese Literature (USA)
Year 2011
Organization A Public Space
Explanation This project supports the publication of a new anthology of contemporary Japanese literature that will be made available to the wider public through bookstores, libraries, etc.
Fields Human Resources Development
Grant Size USD 35,000
Countries Reached USA


Program Name West Asia North Africa Forum
Year 2011
Organization Royal Scientific Society of Jordan (Jordan)
Explanation The WANA Forum aims to stimulate dialogue among people of the West Asia-North Africa region, from all sectors of society, developing practical solutions to the most pressing social, economic, and environmental needs of the region.
Fields Human Resources Development
Grant Size USD 500,000
Countries Reached West Asia North Africa Region