Yohei Sasakawa Blog translated into English

For a number of years, Chairman Yohei Sasakawa has been writing a blog in which he describes his work with the foundation takes personal stances on issues tht ahe finds important.

The blog has proven to be quite popular in Japan, and has sparked public debate on a number of occasions.

Recently, Chairman Sasakawa has been visiting the devastated areas of Northeastern Japan on a regular basis, and has devoted a large part of this writing to providing firsthand information about work in the area. His viewpoint is a frank and personal one, and provides a poignant window onto life in the disaster zone.

Through originally written by a Japanese for a Japanese readership, he has decided to provide an English translation of many of the articles in a sister blog, because of their popularity and relevance to the issues Japan is grappling with today.

We encourage you to take a look, and perhaps gain a fresh perspective on what it is that Japanese people are talking about.

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