Fiscal 2014 Loans to Shipbuilders Totaling ¥8.1 Billion FinalizedSupporting the Shipbuilding Industry

The Nippon Foundation has created a program for providing long-term, low-interest loans to promote shipbuilding and related industries, for capital investment needed to upgrade equipment at shipyards and plants, and for working capital needed for the purchasing of materials and other expenses.

The amounts for the 2nd round of fiscal 2014 loans to provide funds for capital investment to shipbuilding and related industries (application period: January 19-21), funds to support business innovation (through capital investment) pursuant to the Act for Facilitating New Business Activities of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, and disaster recovery loans to support the recovery of the shipbuilding industry in the region damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, have been finalized as outlined below.

The 2nd round of fiscal 2014 loans for capital investment will be used by small and medium-sized shipbuilders for major projects involving the expansion of existing docks and building of new docks, and the installation of large cranes. As a result, the amount of loans is larger than for the 2nd round of fiscal 2013 loans.


  • 2nd round of fiscal 2014 loans for capital investment
    10 projects totaling ¥6,075.0 million (2nd round of fiscal 2013: ¥5,694.5 million)
    Scheduled disbursement date: March 9
  • Loans for capital investment to support business innovation
    1 project totaling ¥2,000.0 million (fiscal 2013: none)
    Scheduled disbursement date: March 9
  • 3rd round of disaster recovery loans
    1 project totaling ¥34.4 million (1st and 2nd rounds: no applications received)
    Scheduled disbursement date: March 16

Total: 12 projects totaling ¥8,109.4 million


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