Senior Officers Visit Defense Ministry, SDF BasesSDF – Myanmar Military Exchange Program

A group of nine senior military officers from Myanmar visited Japan from August 20 to 30 as part of the Nippon Foundation’s Japan – Myanmar Military Officials Exchange Programme.

Even while Western countries had imposed economic sanctions on the country, the Nippon Foundation has been providing humanitarian support to Myanmar for school construction and medical services. We have also supported the country’s democratization through initiatives including the mediation of peace negotiations between the government and armed ethnic minority groups. The Japan – Myanmar Military Officials Exchange Programme aims to facilitate Myanmar’s transition to a civilian government by providing opportunities for senior military officers to interact with their Self-Defense Force counterparts and learn about the role of the military under a civilian government. The first group of officers visited Japan under this program in December 2014, and this was the second group to participate.

During their visit, the officials visited the Ministry of Defense headquarters and the National Defense Academy, observed the Fuji Firepower Exercise 2015, toured the Hamamatsu Air Base in Shizuoka Prefecture and Ground and Maritime Self-Defense Force facilities in Hiroshima Prefecture, and attended seminars on human resource development, self-defense policy, troop utilization, and international assistance.


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