Applications being Accepted for Fiscal 2015 ROCKET Project Scholars

Application Period: From 10:00 on June 15 (Monday) to 20:00 on June 30 (Tuesday)

The ROCKET (Room Of Children with Kokorozashi and Extraordinary Talents) Project, a joint program of the Nippon Foundation and the University of Tokyo’s Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST), is accepting applications for fiscal 2015 scholars as outlined below.

The ROCKET Project seeks out elementary and middle school-aged children who display talent, but have difficulty adjusting to today’s educational environment and avoid going to school, and provides them with ongoing support for their studies and daily lives. Classes began in December 2014, and currently 15 scholars, selected through written applications and interviews from a field of 601 applicants from across Japan, are attending classes several times per month at special classrooms set up within RCAST.

The project will provide scholars with a hands-on program that includes talks from “top runners” in fields including science and technology, the arts, and sports, expert lectures, discussions, and project and activity-based learning to acquire practical skills like cooking and handicrafts. Individual instruction via the Internet is also available to meet individual interests.

The project has received significant attention as a program that fills in gaps that exist in public education, and the possibility of starting programs in schools is also being considered for the future. This year’s applications will be for the second class of scholars, who will begin their studies in October 2015.

Application period: From 10:00 on June 15 (Monday) to 20:00 on June 30 (Tuesday)
Eligibility: Children in grades 3 to 9 (who are inquisitive but tend to avoid school or otherwise lack sufficient opportunities for learning)
Application method: Please use the application form at the Rocket Project Official Website (Japanese only)
Screening period:

July – September 2015

  • The first screening will be based on written applications. Interviews will be conducted as a second screening for applicants who pass the first screening.
  • Depending on the number and types of applications, auditions may also be held.
No. of scholars:

10 (approximately)

  • Selected scholars will initially be accepted on a probationary basis.
Cost: Most costs for travel, lodging, and materials for participation in classes at RCAST, and for equipment for online learning, will be covered. However, Internet connection fees for online learning, daily expenses during group excursions, and other sundry expenses will be the responsibility of the scholars.


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