Kumamoto Earthquakes - Activities Update

During May–July, The Nippon Foundation Student Volunteer Center (Gakuvo) sent five groups, totaling 123 volunteers, to assist with relief and reconstruction efforts in and around Kumamoto Prefecture. Four of the five projects were for two days, and one was for three. Four more projects are planned for August and September (two each month). Each of these projects will be for five days, with 30 volunteers scheduled to participate in each project

As a special treat for local children during their summer vacation, The Nippon Foundation is organizing several events for elementary and junior high school students during August.

August 12 and 15

Fireworks displays are being held along the shore of Shimabara Bay, which borders the city of Kumamoto. The Nippon Foundation is arranging for 100 pairs of one child (grades 1-9) and one adult parent or guardian to be able to watch the fireworks from a ferry on the bay, and 20 pairs are also being invited to watch the August 12 event from a café on shore.

August 13 to 23

A “one-day crew” experience will be offered on the tall ship Miraihe, with one excursion for up to 70 children (grades 4-9) per day.

August 27-28

An overnight trip aboard a ferry will visit a nearby island, with a variety of events, including opportunities to learn about sea turtles and night sky constellations, planned for 300 children (grades 6-9).

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