Programs in the Field of Leprosy: 2012


Program Name Leprosy and Human Dignity-Southeast Asia 
Year 2012
Organization Regional Coordination Office, Leprosy and Human Dignity, Southeast Asia 
Explanation This project promotes social integration of people affected by leprosy in South Asian countries and works toward their empowerment and the elimination of discrimination they face.
Fields Leprosy Elimination
Grant Size USD 147,460
Countries Reached Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand
Program Name National Activities of Association of People Affected by Leprosy
Year 2012
Organization External siteAssociation of People Affected by Leprosy
Explanation This project enables people in India who are affected by leprosy to work together, involving like-minded people supportive of their cause, in the fight against discrimination and violations of the human rights of those affected by the disease.
Fields Leprosy Elimination
Grant Size INR 8,300,000
Countries Reached India


Program Name Global Leprosy Programme
Year 2012
Organization External siteWorld Health Organization (Switzerland)
Explanation This program aims to direct leprosy elimination activities in endemic countries and supports efforts to sustain the disease’s elimination.
Fields Leprosy Elimination
Grant Size USD 2,300,000
Countries Reached Global

Latin America

Program Name Telehansen/Webhansen
Year 2012
Organization External siteMorhan (Movimento de Reintegracao das pessoas Atingidas pela Hanseniase) (Brazil)
Explanation This project provides a toll free telephone hotline and internet service for advice on leprosy, with the aim of eliminating the disease and the stigma associated with it from Brazil.
Fields Leprosy Elimination
Grant Size USD 150,000
Countries Reached Brazil