The Nippon Foundation Kids Support Project

Thinking, supporting, and rearing together.
These are the goals of The Nippon Foundation's Kids Support Project.
We are working to connect people, knowledge, and activity,
to create a society in which “everyone helps to raise everyone's children.”

A warm environment. Opportunities to grow. Possibilities for the future.
For a tomorrow where these are all available for all children.

Creating a new social movement,
We will broaden the scope of social innovation.

Our projects

The Nippon Foundation provides support to many children facing a range of problems that make life difficult for them. This includes the promotion of special adoption, as well as support for seriously ill children and children who refuse to go to school. These activities are managed as “The Nippon Foundation Kids Support Project”, a comprehensive program designed to develop a more systematic approach for providing and expanding support for children.

Poverty robs children of the bonds they need.

Tackling Child Poverty

Today, as many as one in seven children in Japan lives in poverty. The economic impact of this situation has been calculated as 2.9 trillion yen per school year of children. Despite this shocking figure, however, effective measures to address the situation have yet to be developed. The Nippon Foundation believes this situation should be a major concern for everyone living in Japan, and we have set up a project team with partners including Benesse Holdings, Inc. to devise new solutions. For example, even if a child is living in poverty, we want him or her to receive support from their community to give them the ability to live independently. As part of our search for effective solutions, The Nippon Foundation is creating “third places” (in addition to the home and school) where children can feel safe and welcome.

We want to prevent seriously ill children and their families from becoming isolated.

Supporting Seriously Ill Children

Children with serious illnesses and their families rarely have the opportunity to become actively involved in their local communities. To alleviate the sense of isolation that this can create, places in addition to hospitals need to be established in local communities to provide support. The Nippon Foundation is working to develop facilities that can serve as models for fulfilling this role. Our goalaim is for a society that has these bases for support across the entire country.

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Everyone should have the same right to dream of a better future.

Supporting Young Adults Raised in Foster Care Facilities

Everyone should have the right to pursue their dreams, but there are young people who find themselves in difficult situations that make this impossible. Scholarships can restore aspirations and open doors for these young adultschildren, who for whatever reason were unable to be raised by their biological parents. With no home or family to fall back on, they face financial hardship. Even though they may have the drive and ability to achieve their goals, they do not have the opportunities to do so. The Nippon Foundation provides scholarships to enable these young adults to realize their dreams.

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