Nagisa-no-Koban Project (Seaside Patrol Stations)

Beautiful Beaches that Can Be Enjoyed Safely and with Peace of Mind

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The ocean provides so many benefits that it is sometimes referred to as “Mother Ocean.” To encourage people to become closer to the ocean, the Nippon Foundation supports organizations that are active in seaside locations. In the course of providing this support, however, we became aware that many of these activities are highly specialized, making it difficult for ordinary local residents to participate or for the supported organizations to build relationships with other similar groups or with groups outside their area of specialization.


To address this situation, the Nippon Foundation repositioned its seaside activities from a “segment” focus to a “regional” approach. With this change, we realized that approaching seaside activities as a “region” from a cross-segment perspective, rather than supporting a particular segment, makes it possible to coordinate among organizations engaged in seaside activities in the same region and to encourage local residents to work more closely with these organizations, thereby facilitating the resolution of seaside-related issues in the local area.


The Nippon Foundation launched the Nagisa-no-Koban Project as a tangible starting point for this work. The patrol stations function as focal points for the sharing of information related to various seaside activities among people involved across organizations. This means that in addition to organizations carrying out activities in local seaside areas, various other local groups can coordinate their activities with those organizations, thereby creating beaches and oceans that are accessible to everyone and can be enjoyed safely and with peace of mind.

The first Nagisa-no-Koban opened on June 26, 2010, ahead of the official start of the swimming season, at Aoshima Beach in Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture.

On April 25–26, 2012, a Nagisa-no-Koban Forum was held at this patrol station, the Miyazaki City Aoshima Beach Center. The forum provided a venue for lively exchanges of opinions, with reports on the project’s progress in other locations and discussions on a range of issues, as well as courses for facilitators and workshops.

We will continue to work to build ties between people and the ocean in local communities, and to open more Nagisa-no-Koban going forward.

Nagisa-no-Koban Locations (as of July 2014)

  • Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture
  • Omaezaki City, Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Obama City, Fukui Prefecture

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