Working Together to Make Tottori ‘Japan's Most Livable' Prefecture

With the contraction and aging of Japan’s population accelerating, reducing the burden of social welfare is being recognized by local governments across Japan as an increasingly severe problem. The Nippon Foundation and Tottori Prefecture are addressing this by creating a “local revitalization model,” with an emphasis on maintaining the lifestyles of older people and persons with disabilities at the same level as the rest of the population.
The agreement to launch this joint project, which aims to make Tottori “Japan’s Most Livable Prefecture,” enable local residents to live active lives, and create a society that instills pride in its residents, was signed on November 18, 2015. The agreement covers a period of five years, during which the Foundation envisions support in the amount of roughly three billion yen.

Project Overview

The Nippon Foundation and Tottori Prefecture’s joint project consists of three core components: (1) Creating a society where all people support one another; (2) Creating a society where all people can actively participate; and (3) Promoting projects.

(1) Creating a society where all people support one another

Meeting to discuss in-home infant care at Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture
  1. Supporting daily lives in rural areas to “enable people to live where they are used to living”
    We are supporting the creation of services to support the daily lives of people living in rural, mountainous areas, to establish a model that enables people to continue to live where they are used to living.
  2. Citizen-led health promotion to achieve “Japan’s No. 1 healthy life expectancy”
    We are introducing a program to extend people’s healthy life expectancy through regular, citizen-led exercise programs.
  3. Support for seriously ill children and their families by “coordinating social welfare, medicine, and education”
    We are promoting a support structure to enable seriously ill children and their families to live in their communities with safety with peace of mind.

(2) Creating a society where all people can actively participate

The project envisions making one-fourth of the prefecture’s taxis universal design taxis
  1. Making a sports facility barrier-free to become a “sports center for people with disabilities”
    By making the Tottori Prefectural Fuse Sports Park barrier-free, we will create a focal point where people with disabilities and people without disabilities can enjoy sports.
  2. Universal design taxis to create “a model for local transportation”
    We are creating a new model for local transportation that will make it easy for anyone to get around with ease.
  3. Increasing the number of employed persons with disabilities by “encouraging industries to participate in Tottori’s plan to triple wages for persons with disabilities”
    By increasing wages for persons with disabilities, we will promote social participation through regular work by persons with disabilities.

(3) Promoting projects

The project kickoff brought together representatives of various organizations in Tottori that have received support
  1. Tottori human development program to “cultivate tomorrow’s leaders”
    We are observing, studying, and interacting with leading projects across Japan and around the world to cultivate young leaders who will be active locally.
  2. Tottori assistance program to “support the next stage of promising activities”
    We are supporting young people involved in local activities in their pursuit of new challenges.
  3. Information dissemination to “rediscover the prefecture’s appeal and create value”
    We are using influential media outlets and personal networks to inform the rest of Japan about Tottori Prefecture’s appeal, and carrying out activities to promote local areas.


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