UK-Japan Global Seminar Final Report Publication Ceremony ~Global Britain and Proactive Japan: Developing a 21st Century Partnership~

London, United Kingdom

I am delighted to be back with you to celebrate the publication of the final report of the five-year UK-Japan Global Seminar.

I think we can all agree that the five years we have spent in active discussions have been enriching and fruitful. Annual meetings, initiated by private sectors of the UK and Japan, were an opportune platform to create a firm foundation for the future to proactively solve challenges facing the world through cumulating our wisdom, and enhancing our collaboration.

Our two countries were once tightly bonded by the “Anglo-Japanese Alliance” in the early 1900’s in order to safeguard our common bilateral interest. And today in this era of uncertainty, this Global Seminar has led me to think that there is even a possibility of a new Anglo-Japanese alliance, this time, to work together to confront challenges of the entire globe. Based on the accomplishments of these five years, it is my wish that we will be able to re-establish a new concrete and future-oriented Anglo-Japanese relationship.

Another important achievement of this Global Seminar was building a prominent international community of global intellectual leaders. Not only Anglo- Japanese but also dedicated participants from other countries have brought stimulating and thought-provoking discussions. I count on them to take the leadership with free and flexible ideas to devise innovative ways to solve global issues that affect us all.

In closing, I would like to give my deepest gratitude and a huge applause to Chatham House headed by Dr. Robin Niblett, and his staff, all the members of The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, the members of the Japan Advisory Committee, and all who have contributed to the publication of the final report of the UK-Japan Global Seminar.