[Partnership for Change] Launch Ceremony

Video Message

Dr. Larry Campbell, special advisor of ICEVI, Dr. MNG. Mani, CEO of ICEVI, Ms. Wenru Niu, Program officer ON-NET, distinguished guests. It is my greatest honor and privilege to extend my heartfelt gratitude and congratulations at the launch of [Partnership for Change: National Strategies]. My wishes go to all who have dedicated the efforts to put together the valuable findings and learnings of support of blind and partially sighted people accumulated over more than 30 years, in this book. The excellent speeches which two of our fellows, representing the graduates, made including their personal experiences, had led me to renew my high esteem for their activities.

The Nippon Foundation has, over the decades, worked towards the realization of an all-inclusive society where people with, and without, disabilities would be able to participate equally. As a result of the participation and contribution of many, the higher education environment and employment for blind and partially sighted people is well under completion. The Nippon Foundation will continue our undertaking so that people who have completed their education will be able exert further leadership in society. We will be there with all of you to continue our work in the quest of realizing a world of equal participation.

One of our recent activities is the promotion of disability inclusion in business in partnership with The Valliable 500 established by Ms. Caroline Casey of Ireland. We have obtained support from the CEOs of 500 major global companies. We are making efforts to establish an inclusive work environment with such companies as SONY, GOOGLE and Microsoft. It is my hope that this book will be shared among these major companies. I would like to express once again my congratulations on the launch of this excellent publication. The Nippon Foundation remains committed to offer our cooperation towards the realization of a truly inclusive society. Thank you.

*This video message is available at The Nippon Foundation YouTube.