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Share the pain. Share the hope. Share the future.

Our mission is Social Innovation.
By changing the ways society thinks and acts, we seek to create a world in which all people support one another, working together to reduce the burdens and challenges they face.

Everyone has a role to play: individuals, companies, nonprofit organizations, governments, and international bodies. As a Social Innovation hub, The Nippon Foundation builds networks that enable these actors to share the world’s wisdom, experience, and human resources, and give people the capacity to change society and the confidence that they can make a difference.

Our goal is to allow all of humanity to participate in shaping our future together.

For Social Innovation

A hub for Social Innovation in Japan and around the world

The Nippon Foundation acts as a Social Innovation hub, creating new frameworks and bringing about change, to lay the foundation for a society in which “all people support one another.”

Our concept of Social Innovation and some of our activities in Japan and around the world are introduced below.

[ A FUTURE FOR YOUTH ] ROCKET Project for Talented Children

In partnership with the University of Tokyo’s RCAST, we identify talented children who have difficulty adapting to a conventional educational environment, and provide them with ongoing support for their studies and daily lives.

[ A FUTURE FOR YOUTH ] Special Adoption Programs

To enable as many children as possible to grow up in loving households, we promote awareness and the use of special adoption programs, and conduct related research.

[ A FUTURE FOR YOUTH ] Support for Seriously Ill Children

We support families facing the challenge of caring for seriously ill children, through projects including the construction of Japan’s first community-supported TSURUMI Children’s Hospice in Osaka, in partnership with UNIQLO Co., Ltd.

[ THE FUTURE OF OUR OCEAN ] Ocean-Related Activities

We are working to ensure that the bounty of the world’s oceans is passed on to future generations, through technological support, training for maritime researchers, and support for the establishment of regulatory frameworks.


We have been active in responding to natural disasters in Japan and overseas for many years. The ROAD Project, launched in response to the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, supports a variety of recovery and support activities.


The Nippon Foundation’s specially equipped welfare vehicles enrich the lives of older and disabled persons who have limited mobility. As of March 2015, we had donated a total of more than 35,000 vehicles.

[ ENRICHING CULTURE ] Art Brut Support

“Art Brut” is a French term meaning “raw art,” also known as “outsider art.” The Nippon Foundation supports this movement in a variety of ways, including holding exhibitions, safekeeping works, and protecting artists’ rights.

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