Recommendations for Future Recovery in Fukushima Submitted to Prime Minister Abe

The Nippon Foundation held an international expert’s symposium, Beyond Radiation and Health Risk – Toward Resilience and Recovery, from 8-9 September. At the symposium, Japanese and international experts examined the effects of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident and compiled recommendations (PDF/156KB) to be submitted to the Japan Government to help with recovery measures in Fukushima. On 11 September, these recommendations were submitted to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at his office by international experts and Yohei Sasakawa, Chairman of The Nippon Foundation.
Photo of Chairman Yōhei Sasakawa of Nippon Foundation and participants submitting recommendations to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Participants who hand-delivered the Recommendations at the Prime Minister’s Office

  • Yohei Sasakawa (Chair): Chairman, The Nippon Foundation
  • Evelyn J. Bromet: Distinguished Professor, Stony Brook University
  • Abel Julio González: Senior Advisor, Argentine Nuclear Regulatory Authority
  • Carl Magnus Larsson: Chair of UNSCEAR, CRO-ARPANSA
  • Jacques Lochard: Vice Chair, Main Commission, ICRP
  • Fred Mettler: Professor Emeritus, University of New Mexico School of Medicine
  • Christopher H. Clement: Scientific Secretary, ICRP
  • Shin-ichi Kikuchi: President, Chairman of the Board, Fukushima Medical University
  • Ohtsura Niwa: Distinguished Professor, Fukushima Medical University
  • Etsuko Kita: Chair, Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation


3rd Fukushima International Experts Symposium Beyond Radiation and Health Risk – Toward Resilience and Recovery


8 (Mon.) – 9 (Tue.) September 2014


Fukushima View Hotel (Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture)


The Nippon Foundation


Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation, Fukushima Medical University

Supported by

Nagasaki University


Public Relations Department The Nippon Foundation