Working Together

In carrying out activities over a broad range of areas, The Nippon Foundation supports over 20 different partner organizations, and is guided by its boards of trustees, counselors, and auditors, and by its various departments.

Organizational Chart

This image shows the organization of The Nippon Foundation. At the top is the Chairman, who is followed by the President, the Vice President and seven Executive Directors. The Program Evaluation Department, which evaluates and audits supported projects, is under the direct control of the Vice President. One of the Executive Director is in charge of the General Affairs Department and the Accounting Department. The General Affairs Department handles the Foundation’s general information and reception, board meeting logistics, human resources, recruitment and training, and secretarial operations of the Chairman, President, and Senior and Executive Directors. The Accounting Department is responsible for the preparation of the Foundation’s budgets and settlement of accounts, monetary and other disbursements, receipts and safekeeping, and the acquisition and management of Foundation assets. One of the Executive Director is in charge of the Communications Department and the Planning Division. The Communications Department disseminates information regarding the Foundation’s grant programs and other activities using websites, blogs, social media, and streaming video, as well as via newspaper and magazine advertisements and other publicity. The Planning Division is responsible for the planning and formulation of general strategies and policies related to the Foundation’s projects, as well as new projects, overall coordination across divisions, and integrated project management. And one of the Executive Director is in charge of the Partnership Development Division. The Partnership Development Division receives contributions, partners with companies, and works to encourage a donation culture in Japan. Other Executive Directors are followed by the Social Innovation Program Division, which is in charge of the Planning Division, the Ocean Affairs Division, the Public Service Projects Division, the International Projects Division and the Special Projects Division. The Ocean Affairs Division involved in projects in Japan and overseas related to the ocean, including maritime issues, shipping, and maritime safety, as well as lending to shipbuilders. The Public Service Projects Division involved in public service projects in Japan in areas including social welfare, education, culture, tourism, and physical education. The International Projects Division involved in public service projects outside Japan in areas including social welfare, education, culture, and physical education. The Special Projects Division is responsible for overall coordination of major overseas initiatives, planning for overseas public relations, and the planning and implementation of other designated projects.

Foundation Boards


Chairman Yohei Sasakawa
President Takeju Ogata
Vice President Akira Maeda
Executive Director Mitsuyuki Unno
Executive Director Yuji Mori
Executive Director Jumpei Sasakawa (President, NASTA CO.,LTD.)
Executive Director Ichiro Kabasawa
Executive Director Kazuhiro Yoshikura
Director Akiko Izumi (Journalist / Financial Planner)
Director Mariko Akimoto (Senior Researcher, ASAHI RESEARCH CENTER CO., LTD.)
Director Rie Takeuchi (President-Director, Japan Planning Institute Co, Ltd.)


Managing Auditor Akira Kaneko
Certified Public Accountant Takuya Ohyabu
Certified Public Tax Accountant Hiroshi Hayashi


Guest Columnist, The Sankei Shimbun Keiko Chino
Mayor of Ashiya Town Shigemaru Hatano
President, Kairyusha, Incorporated Nobuko Shimomura
Honorary Professor, Kyorin University Tadae Takubo
Political Commentator Taro Yayama
Professor Emeritus, Seisen University Izumi Kadono
Professor Emeritus, Chuo University Takayuki Shiibashi
Former Special Adviser, The Nippon Foundation Keiichi Torii
President, Arrow Consulting Noboru Yanai
Writer Ichiriki Yamamoto


Mirairo Inc. President Toshiya Kakiuchi
The Founder,
Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation Katariba
Kumi Imamura
CEO, ReadyFor Inc. Haruka Mera
President&Representative Director, Mainichi Educational Research Institute Keiichiro Sawa
Culture and Lifestyle News Editor, The Asahi Shimbun Susumu Yamaguchi
Editor-in-Chief, News Department, Japan Broadcasting Corporation Kensuke Okoshi


Professor Emeritus, Keio University Takashi Kaneko
Professor, Chuo University Toyoharu Takahashi
Journalist / Financial Planner
The Nippon Foundation Director
Akiko Izumi
Professor, Meiji Gakuin University Yuri Sasaki
The Nippon Foundation Vice President Akira Maeda