Share the pain. Share the hope. Share the future.

Our mission is social innovation.

Through this innovation we aim to achieve a society where all people support one another, reducing the burdens and challenges they face together.

Everyone has a role to play: citizens, corporations, nonprofit organizations, governments, and international bodies. By forging networks among these actors, The Nippon Foundation serves as a hub for the world’s wisdom, experience, and human resources, giving individuals the capacity to change society—the hope that they can make a difference.

Our goal is to give all of humanity the chance to participate in creating our future.

The Nippon Foundation’s concept of Social Innovation

At The Nippon Foundation, we define Social Innovation as “Implementing ideas to create new frameworks and bring about change for a better society.” We believe that the widespread implementation of Social Innovation will achieve a truly sustainable society in which “all people support one another.”

Achieving a society in which all people support one another

The Nippon Foundation aims to achieve a society in which “all people support one another.” This requires new public-private sector and private-private sector frameworks that transcend the conventional perspectives of citizens, companies, NGOs, governments, and international organizations. We believe that implementing the concept of Social Innovation, with the involvement of individual donors, corporate CSR activities, and national and local governments, will lead to the realization of this society.

What can a Social Innovation hub achieve?

The Nippon Foundation acts as a Social Innovation hub, positioned at the center of new frameworks that link citizens, companies, NGOs, governments, and international organizations, to achieve a society in which “all people support one another.”

The Nippon Foundation is working toward the realization of this society. Some of our activities are introduced below.

ROCKET Project for Talented Children

The Nippon Foundation has launched the ROCKET Project together with the University of Tokyo’s Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, to develop the talents and abilities of children with learning disabilities or who cannot adapt to conventional classroom instruction.

Our Social Innovation has involved working with a university to bring about changes in education that go beyond conventional classroom teaching.

Our ultimate aim is for this project to be incorporated in Japan’s educational curriculum.

Promoting Special Adoption Programs

The Nippon Foundation has worked to support foster parents for more than 40 years. Our projects also gauge awareness of special adoption programs through which adopted children and adoptive parents are treated the same as biological parents and children in their family registry, and seek to allow children to grow up in a loving household.

There are approximately 46,000 children in Japan today who are not able to live with their biological parents. Our Social Innovation involves building networks with local governments, NGOs, and other organizations to promote the use of special adoption programs, to achieve a society in which “all people support one another.”

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