Chairman’s Message

The increasing complexity of social issues is placing a greater burden not only on governments, but also on individuals. Many people now feel that it is not possible to solve these problems by relying on public services alone.

In response, more people want to do something to help solve society’s problems, and are showing increased interest in activities that make a social contribution. Companies have become more involved in activities that reflect a stronger awareness of their corporate social responsibility (CSR), and nonprofit and volunteer activities have also become well established. There is a growing movement to join hands and work together toward achieving a society sustained by mutual support.

The Nippon Foundation’s most valuable asset is the network of people and organizations that we have created through our activities over the past fifty years. We know from experience that bringing people together creates synergies.

Our priority is solving actual problems on the ground. We engage in lively discussions with nonprofit organizations, corporations, governments, international organizations, researchers, and volunteers to arrive at possible solutions, and to initiate and implement projects.

The Nippon Foundation strives to apply the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years, and in cooperation with others, works to solve the issues that confront our society today.

Yohei Sasakawa