Yachts Donated to Promote Sailing Instruction

Time: October 21, 2014 (Tuesday); 15:00-15:40
Location: Wakayama Sailing Center (Kemi, Wakayama City)

To promote sailing instruction in cooperation with Wakayama Prefecture, as well as sailing competitions in Japan, the Nippon Foundation has decided to donate 66 yachts, including accessible dinghies designed to enable anyone to enjoy sailing, to the Wakayama Sports Association. A presentation ceremony is scheduled for October 21.

The official boats used for the sailing competition at the All Japan High School Athletic Competition (Inter-High) and the National Sports Festival will be changed from 2015, to the 420 class (two-person) and the Laser Radial (one-person) that are used in international competitions.

The Wakayama Sailing Center, the recipient of the vessels, is designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as the national training center for sailing competitions, and will be the venue for the Inter-High yacht competition for the 10 years from 2015. Using these yachts, the Wakayama Sports Association intends to work with Wakayama Prefecture and the Wakayama Prefectural Board of Education to promote the inclusion of sailing in the prefecture’s educational program, and to popularize sailing competitions.

In addition to presenting these yachts, the Nippon Foundation is working with the Wakayama Sports Association to promote sailing instruction by building a floating pier, by offering yachting experiences, classes and training for teachers in school education, and by training instructors and providing sailing lessons for persons with disabilities as a way of supporting sports for persons with disabilities.

A program allowing roughly 70 sixth-graders from local elementary schools to experience sailing using these yachts is also scheduled for the day of the presentation ceremony.


Public Relations Department
The Nippon Foundation