Donations Being Accepted to Support Reconstruction from 2016 Kumamoto EarthquakeSupport will go to locally operating NGOs and volunteer organizations

The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, with two major earthquakes and ongoing aftershocks centered on Kumamoto City in Kumamoto Prefecture, caused major damage to a wide area of the island of Kyushu. On the morning of April 15, the day after the initial earthquake, The Nippon Foundation dispatched an experienced team of disaster relief specialists to assess the damage and the needs of the people in the affected areas.

Also on April 15, The Nippon Foundation established the Kumamoto Earthquakes Volunteer Fund and began accepting donations to support on-site volunteer activities. To ensure that these funds can be used to provide immediate relief to persons who suffered damage from the earthquakes and to promote the region’s rapid recovery, donations will be used to support the activities of NGOs and volunteer organizations working in the area. Many homes have been destroyed, meaning that some people are expected to live in evacuation centers for an extended time. In addition to providing emergency food rations, water and other necessities, as well as support for older or disabled people requiring special assistance, many volunteers will be needed during the recovery period to help remove debris and rebuild homes so that people can return to their previous ways of life. Donations to the Kumamoto Earthquakes Volunteer Fund will be used to support these activities.


  1. Donations will not be used by The Nippon Foundation for administrative or other indirect expenses; the entire amount will be used to support activities in areas damaged by the earthquakes.
  2. Information including the names of organizations receiving support from the fund, the amount received, type of activity, and specific use of funds will be posted on The Nippon Foundation’s website (in Japanese only).

To donate to the Kumamoto Earthquakes Volunteer Fund
The Nippon Foundation Website, Donations page

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