The Nippon Foundation Social Innovation Forum 2016 - Exceptional Social Innovators SelectedWinners will receive up to 100 million yen to support school-driven regional revitalization, measures to address childhood poverty, and the creation of self-sufficient regional societies

The Exceptional Social Innovators
Bringing together representatives of governments, companies, NGOs, and research institutions, The Nippon Foundation Social Innovation Forum 2016 was held September 28-30, 2016, at Toranomon Hills Forum in Tokyo, to seek innovative ways to address social issues through activities that transcend traditional organizational frameworks. A total of 2,187 people attended the forum over the three days, making it Japan’s largest event for nonprofit organizations working in the field of social contribution. On September 30, the final day, 11 “social innovators” representing 10 projects gave presentations on their activities. Based on votes cast by the attendees and the recommendations of a Selection Committee, one Exceptional Social Innovator (First Prize), and three Outstanding Social Innovators (Runner-Up) representing two organizations, were chosen. The Nippon Foundation plans to provide support to each of these three projects with funding of up to one hundred million yen annually for up to three years.

Exceptional Social Innovator (First Prize)

Name Yu Iwamoto
Organization Education Development Project of Shimane Prefecture
Project Promoting regional revitalization in Shimane Prefecture by improving education to attract young families

Outstanding Social Innovators (Runner-Up)

Names Takanori Kawauchi, Aki Ko
Organization Collective for Children
Project Creating safety nets for children living in poverty in the Kansai region (primarily metropolitan Osaka and Hyogo Prefecture)
Name Atsushi Hayashi
Organization Next Commons Lab
Project Creating a networking platform for rural revitalization in Iwate Prefecture

Exceptional Social Innovator Selection Committee

Chair Hiroshi Komiyama (28th President, University of Tokyo, and Chairman, Mitsubishi Research Institute)
Members Masataka Uo (President, Japan Fundraising Association) Haruka Mera (CEO, READYFOR, Inc.)
The Exceptional Social Innovators were selected based on votes cast by forum attendees and the recommendations of the Selection Committee. The amounts to be provided to each project will be determined after the Exceptional Social Innovators have submitted business plans and budgets to The Nippon Foundation and other required procedures have been completed. The amount of support for each project will be based on the direct requirements for the project’s implementation, and will not necessarily be the full one hundred million yen.


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