Ceremony to Mark the Completion of Buildings for Conflict-Affected People in Southeast Myanmar

Date: 9:00am~10:00am, March 10, 2017 (Myanmar Time)
Location: Lay Kay Kaw Village, Kayin State, Myanmar

The Nippon Foundation will hold a ceremony in Lay Kay Kaw Village to mark the completion of buildings for conflict-affected people in Southeast Myanmar. 100 houses have been constructed in Lay Kay Kaw Village, which is one of the target villages of The Nippon Foundation Rehabilitation Programme and was a conflict-affected area.

The Nippon Foundation has been working with the Government of Myanmar, ethnic armed organizations in Myanmar and the Government of Japan since 2012 to achieve peace in Myanmar. We have been doing this by promoting confidence-building and dialogue between the Government of Myanmar and ethnic armed organizations, and by distributing approximately USD 20 million of food and other humanitarian assistance to the conflict-affected people.

Our track record and confidence-building impact through support to conflict-affected communities has led to requests for additional confidence-building assistance from the governments of Myanmar and Kayin State, the ethnic armed organizations, the KNU*1 and KPC*2. In response, The Nippon Foundation is using funds provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for a Rehabilitation Programme that started in March 1, 2016, to build houses, schools, and other facilities for conflict-affected people in areas controlled or influenced by the KNU and KPC in Kayin State, Mon State, and Tanintharyi Region. The Rehabilitation Programme, which has been agreed to and is receiving cooperation from the Government of Myanmar and the ethnic armed organizations, is the first Rehabilitation Programme supported by the MOFA of Japan, and is the largest programme of its type in those conflict-affected areas.

Delegations from the Government of Myanmar, ethnic armed organizations, Embassy of Japan, the Special Envoy of the Government of Japan for National Reconciliation in Myanmar, and other stakeholders are expected to participate in the ceremony.

Reference: Rehabilitation Programme Started from March 1, 2016

Programme Area Areas controlled or influenced by the KNU/KPC (Kayin State, Mon State and Tanintharyi Region)
Rehabilitation Programme 1,250 Houses, 7 Schools, 3 Health Clinics, Health Care Center, Bridge
  1. KNU: Karen National Union
  2. KPC: Karen National Union/Karen National Liberation Army Peace Council

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