Accepting Applications for “The Nippon Foundation Charity Runners” at Tokyo Marathon 2020 Charity!Let’s use the joy of running to bring joy to others.

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The Nippon Foundation is accepting applications for “The Nippon Foundation Charity Runners,” who will convey the magnificence of charitable activities by donating to The Nippon Foundation and running in the Tokyo Marathon as part of the Tokyo Marathon 2020 Charity program on March 1, 2020.
Donations received will be used for The Nippon Foundation Dream Scholarship project, which provides scholarships to assist children living in children’s homes and foster care in pursuing higher education.

[Charity Runners]

There are three ways to participate as a charity runner:

1. 1,000 Active Charity Runners (including corporate donors)

Please apply directly to The Nippon Foundation. (Click here for details and to apply.)
A donation of at least 200,000 yen will be made directly to the charity recipient.

2. Non-Crowdfunding Charity (3,700 persons; first come, first served)

A donation of at least 100,000 yen will be made by an individual donor via the official Tokyo Marathon Charity website.

3. Crowdfunding Charity (300 persons)

Donations will be collected and deposited using the official Tokyo Marathon Charity website’s crowdfunding system.

  • Applications for (2) Non-Crowdfunding Charity runners will be accepted from early July, and for Crowdfunding Charity runners from late July (first come, first served).
  • Each type requires the payment of the Tokyo Marathon entry fee in addition to the charitable donation.
Tokyo Marathon entry fee Residents of Japan –16,200 yen (tax included); Overseas residents –18,200 yen (tax included)

[Donor program for The Nippon Foundation Charity Runners]

  • Guaranteed a place to run in the Tokyo Marathon 2020 (Active Charity runners only)
  • Invitations to briefing on The Nippon Foundation Dream Scholarship project activities and event to meet scholarship recipients (*1)
  • Special The Nippon Foundation Charity Runner commemorative items (*1)
  • Running events prior to the day of the marathon (*1)
  • Donations can be used as an “income deduction” or “tax deduction” (*2)
  • *1Details subject to change.
  • *2Please consult with your local tax authorities for details.

[Application website]

The Nippon Foundation is a Tokyo Marathon 2020 Charity recipient organization.
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