Manga Edutainment! Adds 50 Titles for 2020Selected for being fun to read, easy to understand, and empathy creating

The Nippon Foundation launched the Manga Edutainment Project to Open New Worlds in 2015, to identify manga (Japanese comic books) that are published as general works but can also open new worlds and lead to learning. To date, a total of 200 manga had been selected, and a selection committee recently met to choose 50 new titles to be added to the list. English versions are available for eight of the titles, including one that is the Japanese translation of a graphic novel originally published in English.

The nine-person selection committee was led by award-winning manga artist Machiko Satonaka, who has headed the committee since the project began. Other members included Yukari Fujimoto, a manga researcher and professor of global Japanese studies at Meiji University, Takafumi Horie, founder of SNS Media&Consulting, and Yasuhiro Yamauchi, founding member of the Manganight initiative to promote manga. The genres covered were: Literature (5 titles selected); Life & the World (3); Arts (3); Society (4); Occupations (5); History (7); War (4); Lifestyle (2); Science & Learning (6); Sports (4); and Diversity (7).

Of the 50 selected titles, printed English versions have been made of the following (although we cannot guarantee their current availability):

Title Genre
Blue Period Arts A high school student takes up painting
Dr. Stone Science & Learning An enjoyable look at science and scientific principles
Heaven’s Design Team Science & Learning Unusual insights gained by responding to unreasonable requests to create living things
Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Arts High school girls striving to become animators
Kingyo Used Books Literature Stories revolving around a used manga store
MARCH History Japanese manga about the U.S. civil rights movement written by one of its leaders
Our Dreams at Dusk Diversity Interactions among people of various sexual identities
The Promised Neverland Life & the World How to live in a world without a clear path to follow – hints for living in the world of the future

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