[To People Displaced from Ukraine] Accepting Applications for Travel Expense, Daily Living Expense, and Home Furnishing Expense Assistance from April 20 (Applications Closed) (English translation for information purposes only)

Receipt of applications has closed

The Nippon Foundation is providing assistance for travel expenses, daily living expenses, and home furnishing expenses to people who have evacuated from Ukraine to Japan. The details are as follows.

Application period Wednesday, April 20, 2022 – Friday, March 31, 2023
  • *Applications are no longer being accepted as the upper limit on the number of recipients has been reached.
Eligibility & conditions Ukrainian citizens who are evacuating to Japan as a result of the invasion by Russia, and who have a guarantor with residence status in Japan (“eligible persons”)
  • *Ukrainian citizens who have been issued a visa(Applications will be accepted from people who have received a visa as an evacuee from Ukraine)
  • *Persons who have evacuated from Ukraine to Japan on or after January 24, 2022.
  • *The guarantor is the person whose name is listed on the guarantee form submitted by the eligible person to the embassy, etc., with the visa application, and who has been approved
  • *Evacuees from Ukraine who will receive or are receiving government assistance are not eligible
Details of assistance
  1. Travel expenses to Japan
    Details: Reimbursement of actual cost (up to 300,000 yen per person)
    Conditions, etc.:
    • To cover cost of airline ticket (one-way only) and domestic travel expenses to final destination in Japan.
    • If within upper limit, domestic travel expenses for guarantor to meet person upon arrival in Japan will also be covered.
    • Reimbursement of tickets, etc., purchased in other currencies will be converted to yen at The Nippon Foundation’s designated exchange rate.
      • *“Domestic travel expenses” refers to domestic airline tickets, long-distance train tickets, etc., for which a receipt can be provided.
  2. Daily living expenses
    Details: 1 million yen per person per year
    Conditions, etc.
    • Payments will be made in installments (4 payments of 250,000 yen every 3 months
      • *To be paid after confirmation of arrival in Japan
      • *Payments will cease after recipient has departed Japan
    • Upper limit of 3 million yen per family per year
    • Payments are envisioned for up to 3 years, but applications must be made for each year
  3. Home furnishing expenses
    Details: 500,000 yen per household (one-time payment)
    Conditions, etc.
    • Persons newly moving into public housing, etc. are eligible.
      • *To be paid after confirmation of housing lease contract
Applicant Person acting as guarantor for eligible person (the “applicant”)
  • *Including companies or organizations hosting an eligible person
Application method Please follow the procedures outlined in the Application Procedure (PDF / 471KB – in Japanese and Ukrainian only), fill out the Google Form application, and upload required documents.
  • *Applicants need to have a Google account. If you do not have a Google account, please create one according to the instructions in the Application Procedure.
  • *We recommend that the documents to be uploaded be prepared prior to filling out the application.
Documents to be submitted Depending on the details of the application, documents in addition to the following may be requested.
Separate applications may be submitted for each type of expense. Please submit your application after having prepared all of the documents.
[Documents for Types 1-3]

Documents in addition to the above:
[Type 1 (Travel Expenses)]

  • Receipt (Showing point of departure, point of arrival, and ticketed passenger’s name)
    • *If the receipt does not show the recipient’s name, please submit a document identifying the person who paid for the ticket.
      For persons applying for travel expense assistance only, a document confirming the eligible person’s entry into Japan (passport page with entry permission stamp / seal)

[Type 2 (Daily Living Expenses)]

  • Copy of document confirming eligible person’s arrival in Japan (passport page with entry permission stamp / seal, residence card (front and back))

[Type 3 (Home Furnishing Expenses)]

  • Document confirming new place of residence (lease contract, etc. showing start of residence and address)
    • *Application can be submitted prior to concluding lease contract, etc.
Screening method Document screening and interview
  • *After the application is received, applicants will be contacted by email or telephone for an interview, in the order applications are received
Screening points
  • Whether the eligible person meets the conditions
  • Whether the applicant will be able to fulfill the responsibilities of a guarantor
    • (Reference: From the Immigration Services Agency of Japan website Q&A)
      A guarantor is someone who has vowed to the Minister of Justice that they will take it upon themselves to assist the foreign national with their smooth integration into Japanese society, both socially and financially, while ensuring that they comprehend and are compliant with local rules and regulations.
Notification Applicants who have been approved will be notified by mail.
Payment method
  • Direct payment to the eligible person’s bank account
  • Prior to opening a bank account, payments will be made by currency registered mail (delivered to recipient only)
  • If required for screening or payment, information and documents received may be shared with the Immigration Services Agency of Japan, financial institutions, local governments, or vendors designated by The Nippon Foundation.
  • To provide appropriate support for their life in Japan, eligible persons will regularly report on their circumstances.
  • A residence card is required for opening a bank account. (Obtaining a residence card requires a change in status of residence from “Short-Term Stay” to “Designated Activities.”

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Regarding applications

The Nippon Foundation Office for People Displaced from Ukraine (Contact person for daily living expense and other assistance)

  • Tel: 03-6891-9312
  • Inquiry form: https://forms.gle/Jb2VCvdazLJz9Avn9 (external link)
  • Hours: 9:00~17:00 (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays)
    (Assistance in Ukrainian is available, but with limited number of Ukrainian-speaking staff members, callers may be asked to wait for some time.)