Launch of Project to Study Possibilities for Collaboration with Next Generation of NikkeiSeeking concrete ways to collaborate to resolve social issues

The Nippon Foundation launched the “Project to Study Possibilities for Collaboration with the Next Generation of Nikkei” in April 2023. The project aims to use the Foundation’s experience and networks from its support of Nikkei communities to date, to provide a platform for discussion among next-generation Nikkei* leaders who face similar challenges without being constrained by position, affiliation, or interests.

The approximately 3.8 million Nikkei with roots in Japan are important partners for Japan, but at the same time, Nikkei demographics are diversifying, and many of the younger generation do not identify as being part of the Nikkei community.

Recognizing that the younger generation is key to the future of the Nikkei community, The Nippon Foundation has been working on projects that target the next generation of Nikkei.

  • * Nikkei is a term that broadly refers to Japanese who emigrated from Japan to other countries to settle there permanently, and their descendants.

Through these projects, we have observed how the next generation of Nikkei is playing an active role globally, both within and outside the Nikkei community.

Now that the perception in Japan of Nikkei has changed from being “recipients of support” to “partners in solving problems together,” we have developed this project in the belief that it is necessary to seek more concrete “collaboration.”

The project will consider how sustainable, collaborative efforts can be made among Nikkei communities and between the Nikkei and Japanese sectors, without being restricted by the methods used in previous projects. 

A study group will hold discussions from April to September 2023, and the results will be presented at the 63rd Convention of Nikkei and Japanese Abroad in October 2023, with plans to publish the results as a report as well.

During the preparatory meeting



Juan Alberto Matsumoto (Born in Argentina, currently living in Japan)

Core Members

  • Kitsutani Kian Hernan Armando (Lima, Peru)
  • Kyoko Hirano (Born in Japan, currently living in São Paulo, Brazil)
  • Pinillos Matsuda Derek Kenji (Born in Peru, currently living in Japan)
  • Cláudio Hagime Kurita (São Paulo)
  • Ines Yamanouchi P. Mallari (Davao City, Philippines)
  • Michael Toshiro Omoto (Born in California, currently living in Japan)


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