Logo Use

This page contains downloadable versions of The Nippon Foundation’s logo. If you wish to use our logo in your materials, we ask that you please use these files and follow the standards set forth here.

  • The logo may be printed in either the corporate color listed below or in black.
  • Logos and text must be printed on a white background.
  • Logos and lettering must follow the proportions found below.
  • Possible combinations of logo and text are limited to those provided below.

Corporate Color


C:80 M:55 Y:80 K:15 PANTONE: 3435C
R: 46 G: 79 B: 54 HEX: #2F4F36

Mark of Support

Mark of Support
Mark of Support

The Nippon Foundation Logo Manual

A manual covering the use of The Nippon Foundation logo and grant recipient designation can be downloaded using the link below .