The Japan Science Society

Address: The Nippon Foundation Bldg.,5F 1-2-2, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8523, Japan
Year Founded: 1924

Outline of Activities

The Japan Science Society aims to develop the world’s knowledge base by promoting scientific education, aiding in the organization of various scientific disciplines vis-à-vis one another, and encouraging international ties within the scientific community. In addition, the society promotes the development of new technologies.

Promoting science and technology requires robust investment in the development of young scientific minds. The society feels that, in the interest of furthering this aim, it is necessary to foment a strong understanding of scientific principles among the general populace.

It therefore works to facilitate this process by developing Japan’s human resources, with a focus on young people. Additionally, the society supports research projects on a national scale, and is promoting international understanding through the distribution of nearly two million Japanese books, donated by Japanese companies and libraries, to premier Chinese educational institutions.