Nippon Music Foundation

Address: The Nippon Zaidan Bldg., 5F, 1-2-2 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
Year Founded: 1974

Outline of Activities

The Nippon Music Foundation was established in 1974 to “enhance music culture” in Japan. In commemoration of its 20th anniversary in 1994, the foundation launched the Instrument Loan Project as the main pillar of its activities, to make contributions to the classical music world both in Japan and around the world.

The foundation currently owns 20 stringed instruments (14 Stradivarius violins, 1 viola, 3 cellos, and 2 Guarneri del Gesu violins), and loans them gratis for both short and long terms, to internationally active musicians and promising young musicians regardless of their nationality. As custodian of these world cultural assets, which are more than 300 years old, the Foundation assumes all costs of repair and maintenance to preserve them in the best possible condition for future generations.

The recipients of these instruments perform worldwide, and nearly one million people are able to enjoy the sound of these superb instruments each year. The foundation has also organized benefit concerts that feature more than 10 Stradivarius instruments being played on the same stage. The proceeds are donated to local organizations for projects to promote classical music and other worthy causes.

The foundation also provides grants to support a variety of classical music projects including concerts, workshops and seminars.