Launch of the Coast Guard Academy and The Nippon Foundation Joint Junior Coast Guard Officer Course

Tokyo, Japan

The oceans of the world are connected, thus the problems that lie in this vast mass of water are diverse and complex.

In order to solve the problems of the seas today, global minded and interdisciplinary talents as well as a binding network of all these talents that crosses all national boundaries are needed.

To date The Nippon Foundation has educated more than 700 (717 to be precise) people in more than 100 countries and created a strong network.

In 2008, the Foundation has donated 500 million (US $6.2 million) to prepare for the establishment of this program together with Japan Coast Guard and other relevant stakeholders.

May 9, 2011 The Nippon Foundation Course started with the acceptance of 9 junior officers from 4 countries (3 from Indonesia, 2 from Malaysia, 2 from the Philippines and 2 from Japan).

The classes will be conducted in English in order that eventually the program will evolve as a truly international base for the training of Asia’s coast guards, and not to be solely housed at the Japan Coast Guard Academy.

The Nippon Foundation will continue to be actively involved in the area of human resource development and in all initiatives related to the Asian sea, in the capacity of a private sector organization.