Conclusion of Period for Donations to Special Fund for Disaster Preparedness / Coronavirus Disaster

The coronavirus that first appeared in Wuhan, China, began spreading in January 2020 and quickly became a worldwide pandemic. The spread of infections in Japan created an unprecedented situation, with a state of emergency initially being declared in April 2020. In response, The Nippon Foundation began accepting donations on April 7 to support medical practitioners, children, and others affected by the pandemic.

To date, we have received donations from many individuals and organizations, totaling 3,039,379,905 yen (as of August 29, 2022), and these funds are being used to support doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners working on the front lines of the coronavirus response as well as others who face difficulties as a result of the pandemic. We would like to thank everyone who has made donations to this effort.

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The period for accepting donations to the Special Fund for Disaster Preparedness / Coronavirus Disaster concluded on August 31, 2022. We will continue to use donations received to support coronavirus response activities going forward, and will report on specific activities as they are decided.

  • * Please note that donations received that remain unused after the conclusion of support activities in response to the coronavirus pandemic will be used as the Special Fund for Disaster Preparedness when needed for emergency responses in areas affected by earthquakes, typhoons, and other disasters.


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