*The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research became the managing organization for this project from February 4th 2022.

The goal of the READ JAPAN PROJECT is to use outstanding books to provide readers around the world with an accurate picture of Japan. In particular, the foundation hopes to reach out to young researchers who are interested in Japan, as well as opinion leaders and intellectuals specializing in areas other than Japanese studies.

We have been making significant efforts in promoting the understanding of Japan to overseas countries and working closely with different governmental bodies over the years. However, it seems that further information and data about Japan are still much needed and to be provided to opinion leaders or intellectuals in foreign countries. In addition to mediums such as TV, movies, animations, newspaper or internet, reading a book can be still the most effective way to explore and study different aspects of Japan. In light of this, the Nippon Foundation has launched the book donation project since 2008. The book selection committee carefully had selected English books about Japan. Distributing the book catalog, the Nippon Foundation has donated books to libraries and research institutions in different countries, aiming to promote the understanding of Japan to foreign opinion leaders and researchers whose specialized subject are not necessarily Japanese studies. As of July 2021, we have donated books to 1,130 institutions in 138 countries.

Apart from book donation, we have introduced English books about Japan in the READ JAPAN PROJECT. We also hold other activities such as the first Tokyo International Literary Festival in Japan, fostering Japanese to English and English to Japanese translators, and publications for translated books.

The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research is the managing organization from February 4th 2022. For more information about READ JAPAN PROJECT, please visit the following web site.