Response to Flooding in Western Japan

Photo of flood damage

In response to the flooding and landslides that struck western Japan from July 5, The Nippon Foundation decided to implement the following emergency support measures for persons in the region who experienced damage. The Foundation is utilizing its mobility and flexibility as a private-sector institution to implement these support measures as quickly as possible. The Foundation has also collected donations to support these efforts, and asked for the public’s cooperation in a broad range of areas.

<Support Measures>

(1) Support for evacuation centers and evacuees requiring nursing care (persons who were receiving nursing care when the disaster occurred)

  1. Measures to prevent disaster-related deaths at evacuation centers
    • Support for the dispatching of medical and social welfare volunteers
    • Installation of hygienic toilets that can be used without running water (1,000 units)
    • Assistance with the installation of cardboard beds, etc.
  2. Surveys of needs and support for persons forced to live in evacuation centers or evacuate at home who have special needs, including persons with disabilities, elderly persons, and infants

(2) Payment of condolence monies

100,000 yen is being given to the family of each person who died as a result of the flooding and landslides

(3) Support for NGOs and volunteer organizations

  1. Support for the establishment and operation of disaster response volunteer centers
  2. Support for volunteer organizations engaged in specialized assistance (medical, social welfare, recovery from water damage, etc.)
  3. Support for the dispatching of volunteers and for their activities

<Collection of Donations>

The heavy rains that struck this region caused extensive damage over a widespread area, with more than 200 people reported dead or missing and more than 50,000 buildings damaged.

The Nippon Foundation has been working with NGOs, volunteer groups, and other organizations to survey the wide region that experienced damage, and provide support to the areas where it is most needed.

The Special Fund for 2018 Flooding in Western Japan stopped accepting donations as of October 31, 2018. We would like to express our thanks to all who contributed.

In the event the donations we receive exceed the amount that can be fully used in light of the extent of the damage and assistance required, those surplus funds will be deposited into the “Special Fund for Disaster Preparedness” and used to support activities in response to a future disaster.

Donations received
2,732 donations, totaling 107,103,617 yen

Notes regarding donations in currencies other than Japanese yen

  1. Funds transfers can be denominated in U.S. dollars or in euro. If you wish to make a donation denominated in another currency, please inform us of that currency and we will investigate whether arrangements can be made.
  2. Donations made in foreign currencies will be converted to yen at the prevailing rate on the day the funds are received.

When making a funds transfer

To ensure that your contribution is accurately recorded, please contact the Partnership Development Division at the e-mail address below, and provide the deposit date and donation amount, along with your name, e-mail address, postal address, and telephone number. Please indicate if you require a receipt, and it will be sent in PDF format to the e-mail address provided after the deposit has been confirmed.

Information on recovering from a flood disaster


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