Emergency Support in Response to Spread of Coronavirus Infections


Support Measures

The Nippon Foundation is carrying out the following support measures while closely following the situation with regard to infections.

  1. Construction of facilities for medical treatment for persons contracting COVID-19
  2. Use of taxis to facilitate the movement of medical practitioners
  3. Emergency support for emergency medical facilities and medical practitioners
  4. Establishment of The Nippon Foundation PCR Testing Center
  5. Support for coronavirus countermeasures at medical institutions designated for infectious diseases

[Special Fund for Disaster Preparedness / Coronavirus Disaster]

The period for accepting donations to the Special Fund for Disaster Preparedness / Coronavirus Disaster concluded on August 31, 2022. Donations received are being used to support doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners working on the front lines of the coronavirus response as well as others who face difficulties as a result of the pandemic. We would like to thank everyone who has made donations to this effort.