Emergency Support in Response to Spread of New Coronavirus


Following the initial confirmation of cases in China in December 2019, the new coronavirus has spread around the world. 

With the number of infected persons in Japan increasing and concerns of a crisis that could cause the medical system to collapse, the Japanese government declared a state of emergency on April 7. 

[Emergency Support Measure]

With the spread of the new coronavirus having reached pandemic scale, in Japan, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has indicated that Tokyo is on the brink of an explosive increase in infections and the metropolis continues to face a crisis situation, with the risk of a collapse of the medical system. As an urgent measure to address the pressing issue of a shortage of hospital beds, The Nippon Foundation has decided to work quickly to set up 10,000 beds at two locations in the Tokyo metropolitan area, including at the Museum of Maritime Science. Using tent-type structures, we aim to install approximately 1,000 beds at the Museum of Maritime Science by the end of April. 

[Accepting Donations for Emergency Support in Response to Spread of New Coronavirus]

The entire amount of donations received will be used to support the activities of doctors, nurses, and volunteers in response to the new coronavirus at a facility being established by The Nippon Foundation at the Museum of Maritime Science in Odaiba, Tokyo, and other locations. 

We ask for your cooperation.