News 2016

Donations Being Accepted to Support Reconstruction from 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake

The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, with two major earthquakes and ongoing aftershocks centered on Kumamot

Agreement with World Bank for Cooperation in Support for Disabled People

The Nippon Foundation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the World Bark to cooperat

Press Conference Marking Start of New Fiscal Year

The Nippon Foundation held a press conference on April 7 to announce its budget and business plan fo

Warm, Happy Homes for All Children!

To mark Adopted Children’s Day* on April 4, events were held at The Nippon Foundation headquarters o

From End-of-Life Planning to Bequests

Yohei Sasakawa, Chairman of The Nippon Foundation (left) In response to growing interest in “end

Japan’s First Community-Supported Hospice for Seriously Ill Children

With support from The Nippon Foundation and UNIQLO Co., Ltd., Children’s Hospice Project (CHP) comme

Visit to the Hajimari Art Center in Fukushima Prefecture

The 130-year-old Hajimari Art Center building The Inawashiro, Yama area of Fukushima Prefecture bo

Using a Bequest to Support Children with Developmental Disabilities

The Japan Venture Philanthropy Fund (JVPF), jointly operated by The Nippon Foundation and Social Inv

Media Event to Announce Iroha Nihon – Experience the Soul of Japan Project

Entrance to Daiji-in, one of the participating temples The Nippon Foundation held a media event

Toward Adoption of “Japanese Sign Language Act”

A proposal calling for the adoption of a “Japanese Sign Language Act” (provisional name) recognizing

3rd Anniversary of Shokushin (Special Mentoring) Project

Takafumi Horie (center) talks with Masatsugu Nakai (right) A full three years have passed sin

The Nippon Foundation’s Support for Conflict-Affected People in Myanmar

The Nippon Foundation has been working with the Government of Myanmar, ethnic armed organizations in

Ceremony to Launch Reconstruction Support Project for Conflict-Affected People in Southeast Myanmar

The Nippon Foundation has been working with the Government of Myanmar, armed ethnic groups in Myanma

Iroha Nihon – Experience the Soul of Japan Press Conference and Temple Tour

The Nippon Foundation, in cooperation with the Kyoto Culture Association, the Hyatt Regency Kyoto, a

Tokyo International Literary Festival 2016

The Nippon Foundation is engaged in a variety of projects related to literature, including introduci

Donations Received by Tooth Fairy Project Top 1 Billion Yen

A volunteer dentist giving a checkup in Myanmar The Nippon Foundation, together with the Japa

THINK LEPROSY NOW 2016 Side Events

Held every year since 2006 to coincide with World Leprosy Day, which was observed this year on Janua

THINK LEPROSY NOW – Global Appeal 2016

The Nippon Foundation held a ceremony to deliver the Global Appeal 2016, a global call to elimi

Global Appeal 2016

The Nippon Foundation and Junior Chamber International jointly released Global Appeal 2016 in Tokyo

First Overseas Visit by Myanmar’s Incoming Government is to Japan

Meeting at The Nippon Foundation A 15-member economic delegation from the National League fo