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Live to Contribute – Initiatives for an Inclusive Society

The Nippon Foundation, established in 1962, has been involved in activities to support disabled people in Japan and around the world for more than 50 years. In the course of working together with disabled people we have learned that removing the obstacles that prevent their equal participation paves the way for everyone – with or without a disability – to demonstrate their full potential. Disabled people have often been stereotyped as people who “need to be protected by society,” but that image needs to be swept aside through a paradigm shift toward viewing them as “contributors to society.” It is important that we continue to lend a helping hand to people facing severe difficulties and also to carry on the support activities that aim to provide equal opportunities. But, at the same time, The Nippon Foundation wants to contribute to that paradigm shift by offering innovative support that seeks to allow highly talented disabled people to better display their abilities and thereby lead the way in encouraging and inspiring others in society.

Discovering Hidden Talent

Photo of women with disabilities performing a traditional dance

The Nippon Foundation is supporting disabled people engaged in various activities to live dignified, fulfilling lives in which their latent talents and possibilities can fully develop. These activities provide encouragement to other disabled people and also help to overcome social prejudice.

Utilizing ICT for Higher Education

Photo of a IDPP class using ICT

From early on, The Nippon Foundation has focused on the benefits of information and communications technology (ICT) for disabled people and has utilized ICT for higher education, achieving many results in this area.

Supporting Financial Independence

Photo of persons with disabilities learning how to make luxury chocolate

We are backing efforts aimed at economic independence, including financial assistance to companies engaged in businesses for disabled people to expand employment opportunities and come up with new types of job assistance.

Introducing Needed Infrastructure and Other Facilities

Photo of demonstration of the Bmaps application

We are making it easier for disabled people to display their abilities by developing a barrier-free map application, promoting sign language, and pursuing other efforts to create a foundation for daily life.

Disaster-Prevention Initiatives

Photo of practical training at an evacuation center

Fatalities among disabled people in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake occurred at a rate that was roughly double the rate for residents in general. We are drawing on the lessons of that tragedy to promote disaster response that incorporates the perspective of disabled people.

Gearing Up for Tokyo 2020!

Photo of a wheelchair athlete competing at the Paralympic Games

The Nippon Foundation and UNESCO plan to host a joint summit for disabled people in 2020 to adopt and announce a “Tokyo Declaration” aimed at realizing an inclusive society. This event in Tokyo, which will bring together opinion leaders representing disabled people from around the world, will strive to have a major worldwide impact by showcasing the abilities of disabled people in the realms of sports and art, while also presenting a wide range of opinions.

Chairman’s Message

Photo of Chairman Sasakawa talking with persons with disabilities

The Nippon Foundation aims to realize an inclusive society and carries out various programs toward this end.

Building on our many years of experience, we have designed and implemented programs that successfully enhance people’s potential and promote their empowerment in innovative ways. (More)

Videos Introducing Initiatives

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